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Five Star Teamwork How To Achieve Success…TOGETHER!

5 Star TeamworkBy, Michelle Correia-Templin and Steve Ventura

Better TEAMWORK, Better RESULTS. It’s that simple!

The fact is that while all teams are groups, not all groups are teams. A group becomes a true team only when its members support and enhance each other’s performance and contributions–when they work together to achieve results that are bigger and better than those that could be realized individually. Five Star Teamwork will guide and encourage your team to do just that!

Within these pages, you’ll find a collection of easy-to-use ideas, strategies, tips, and techniques to help make your teams the best they can be–ones that deliver the business results you want and need. A must-have for every team member and leader!



Selling It Right Getting Results with Integrity

Selling it Right by Michelle Correia TemplinBy, Michelle Correia-Templin
You are a Salesperson! Your department is the heartbeat of your business, and your work is critical to your organization’s success.

You want to succeed and feel good about what you do, and your organization is counting on you “to deliver.” As a result, there may be times when you find yourself torn between what seems to be two contradictory goals: selling as much as possible versus doing the right and noble thing.

Sound familiar? If so, this book is for YOU!!

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