Leadership Retreats

Leadership retreats are an integral part of the success of every organization.  It is in the time spent away from the established patterns of thinking
and behavior that one can clearly see what needs to change. Get Smart Training understands the powerful impact that a “mountain top experience” can have on inspiring new perceptions to old problems.

   Individualized Design

Get Smart’s leadership retreats are uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of your staff.  We  begin by conducting a thorough needs analysis through one-on-one interviews and an in-depth study of the current dynamics of your organization.



From the information gathered, an agenda is created to reflect the needs of your leaders. Every aspect of your retreat will be tailor-made to provide an environment that relieves the toxic stress that has accumulated over time.

Our Goal

The objective of our retreats is to provide an open environment where individuals are compelled to let go of their defenses and engage in a collaborative approach to moving forward.

You can trust Get Smart Training to supply your leaders with engaging ice-breaking activities, relevant exercises in relationship-building, and an inspiring closing message that will leave every attendee with a fresh, new perspective.  Participants will be equipped with the skills and confidence necessary to make the bold changes which will bring about real solutions.

Who inspires those who inspire the team? Get Smart Training!