Custom-Designed Team Workshops


“People are our greatest asset.”  Certainly, you have heard that before. However, in reality, it is only when people work together as a team, that they truly become invaluable. So, if your struggling with today’s economic challenges and you aren’t doing anything to help your teams work together more effectively you will continue to struggle. Even if you have the greatest strategy in the world, it won’t matter if your people aren’t equipped to make it happen.

Michelle during a workshop in Atlanta, GA.

In theory, hiring great people, providing them with clear goals and proper support to do their job, should result into an effective team. Unfortunately, often  times the goals change, the direction becomes cloudy, and support transforms into threats – ultimately leaving you with people that feel mislead, cheated and undervalued.

Get Smart Training Team Building Workshops are here to help!

We design it just for you! 

  •  Each workshop is designed to meet the needs and goals set forth by your organization.
  •  Managers, supervisors and a select group of team members will respond to private surveys and interviews to identify the strengths and challenges of your team.
  •  Using the most current research in the fields of Social Intelligence and Neuroscience, workshops are designed to produce change.

We make it all about your team!

  • By focusing on your team’s unique needs, Get-Smart Training will develop communication skills, enrich relationships, and increase team effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Get Smart Training recognizes that often times the greatest team challenge is the team itself. We will engage your staff as part of the solution. Each member will become personally invested in the process of problem solving, creating a sense of personal ownership and pride.
  •  We will spark a passion within each individual for the goal set forth so that by the end of the day everyone walks away as a proud member of your team.

Personal investment + individual pride = the key to your company’s success!

We stick with you!

  •  Get Smart Training takes pride in providing post-session follow-up to include a list of action items to keep the learning alive!