Let me Choose to Change!

Want to see a bunch of grown professionals squirm? Just tell them you are going to be making a bunch of changes throughout the organization! When you mention change in the workplace people freak out!

I have been studying and speaking on this topic for over 10 years and I have come to one major conclusion…

Most people have concerns when change is introduced in the workplace but they will struggle more if they don’t get to choose to change! Think about it. Whether or not a change is good for you, the second someone MAKES you change, is the second you oppose the change!

If I were to ask you about the best moments in your life you would most likely describe your college graduation, the wedding to your soul mate, your first job, or the birth of a child. All of these momentous occasions require major change to your life but they are positive changes! You gladly moved through these changing times with a positive attitude!

Now consider these same occassions being forced upon you…. You MUST say “yes” to the marriage proposal from your soul mate! You MUST go to college and get your degree! You MUST take that new job!  Most people would feel major anxiety moving forward with these changes simply because their choice in the matter was stolen from them.

Spencer Johnson says “Change imposed is change opposed!” I think he is right.

So my #1 tip for rolling out a change within your organization is to encourage people to feel part of the change. Get people engaged! Let them make choices. Armor them with information! Let them know why the change is necessary!

When people feel they are part of the decision making process, they will not only accept the change they will contribute to its success- and that’s a proposal you can’t turn down!