Additional Workshops

Designed and Facilitated by Michelle Correia-Templin

Michelle Correia-Templin

For Leaders and Managers:


Developing a Culture of Accountability

Increased self-awareness empowers managers to be accountable and teaches them how to effectively hold others accountable. The focus of this program is to direct the learner away from the “blame game” as they discover the hidden benefit found by each participant in taking accountability – learning
from each experience. What is the key approach to developing a culture of accountability? Clear agreements and clear communication are what make the

Leaders Leading Change

This engaging workshop incorporates the wisdom of Joel Barker, the expert on Business Paradigms and is a unique learning opportunity for all  organizational leaders. The workshop implements specific change strategies used by several successful organizations. Attendees will review and learn from real life case studies that highlight how these organizations successfully changed their paradigms in order to survive!

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Do emotions really belong in the workplace? Contrary to common belief, research continues to prove that they do. Emotions are the starting points for effective working relationships and are critical to helping us become more effective leaders and better communicators.

Emotional Intelligence is a concept that describes how wisel individuals use their emotions to relate to others as a means of enhancing communication. This concept is based on five principals: Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Self-motivation, Empathy and Effective  Relationships.  This highly interactive workshop  will teach you the skills necessary to improve your relationships at work, ultimately improving your ability to lead successfully!

Developing an Ethical Culture

Studies have proven that there is a strong relationship between organizations with high ethical standards and their level of success!  Attendees will
experience role-modeling activities of ethical behaviors in order to more clearly understand how to create a more ethical culture. Our programs provide
specific tools for making better ethical decisions as we help your employees develop appropriate responses to ethical dilemmas found within your industry.
Get Smart Training believes that high ethics must be the foundation of your corporate culture!

Communication is a Two-Way Street

This workshop teaches the importance of clear and direct communication. Managers and leaders learn how to communicate more effectively in a way that
encourages a culture of value and respect. Your members will be profoundly impacted by the development of these specific communication skills which, in
turn, will impact your organizations overall success.

Who Moved My Cheese?

Based on the best-selling book by Spencer Johnson, this workshop is proven to help individuals understand the necessity of change for an organization’s survival. The Who Moved My Cheese workshop provides learners with a refreshing and memorable way of dealing with change.

The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus

This fun and energizing workshop is an interesting perspective on nuts & bolts leadership theories.  Take a dynamic multimedia trip to the North Pole to learn how Santa and his highly motivated team of elves and reindeer accomplish their amazing goals and receive an animated message directly from Santa himself! We also provide a copy of the best-selling book, The Leadership Secrets of Santa, along with a participant workbook and a special gift from Santa!

For Team Members

Team Effectiveness through Accountability

This workshop will provide your team with guidelines on how to hold each other accountable, while at the same time, being a contributing part of a
responsible and productive team. Just as in the workshop for leaders, this workshop decreases the “blame game.” The learning that occurs will be life changing
as attendees focus on self-improvement!

Selling it Right!…Getting Results with Integrity

This program is designed to teach individuals how to sell with ethics and integrity, while at the same time, increasing their sales results. Attendees will
be given clear direction on the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of selling with long term client relationships in mind. The session reinforces the importance of building
relationships and customer loyalty. Attendees will learn the latest thinking in meuroscience to create presentations that will be memorable. Every attendee will receive a copy of Selling It Right! Getting Results with Integrity, written by Michelle Correia-Templin

Taking Charge of Change

Keeping in line with the leadership program, this motivating workshop enables the attendees to fully understand why change is a requirement for the
growth and success of every organization. Provided for the learner are four specific change skills they can use instantly:  Anticipate Change, Overcome Fear, Take New Action and Envision Success! Not only will your group be more Change Ready they will also be Change Willing! Without change, we cannot grow, we cannot improve, and we cannot succeed!

What do You Say?

When it comes to customer service challenges, your first few words have tremendous impact on the likelihood of your success or your failure. This program
provides practical, realistic answers to the most challenging customer service situations one may encounter. Within the program employees will learn how to
respond to awkward situations and complaints, how to deal with disappointed guests, how to be sensitive to diversity and disability issues, and so much

Ethics for Everyone

This session enables your team understand the value of everyday ethics! We help attendees learn the importance of making ethical decisions as
they come to a greater understanding of ethical dilemmas. Attendees learn how to work with others in a way that reduces common unethical practices which are sometimes prevalent within many organizations. Attendees will be guided through the creation of their own unethical scenarios and then supported as they determine how to solve them.

Communication… It’s a Two-Way Street!

This workshop teaches the importance of clear and direct communication. Attendees learn their responsibility within all communication encounters. Participants uncover the common mistakes made by poor communicators and how to avoid them. Most importantly, attendees will discover how expectations profoundly impact communication results!

5 Star Teamwork

This workshop reviews the 5 critical principals for creating successful teams:

  • Team member must be committed to each other
  • Team member must be committed to the team’s mission
  • Team member must be committed to the customer,
  • Team member must be committed to resolving conflict
  • Team member must be committed to constant improvement.

This workshop includes a handbook written by Michelle Correia-Templin.
(Published by The Walk the Talk Company)